The Artiteb Medical Engineering Company founded in the year 2001 became active in the production of clinical lab solutions in order to maintain part of clinical diagnostic laboratories as well hospitals. Artiteb started by becoming the distributor and importer of automation equipment for biochemical tests. Presenting the equipment to the market as well as various laboratories. After a while the trend of company shifted to actually producing consuming goods for the country’s Clinical Laboratory sector such as hematologic and biochemical solutions. This company has succeeded in obtaining the necessary standards for the production, such as ISO13485: 2016. Iranian medical device organization (IMED) and Health Reference Organization / Iranian health ministry.
The Artiteb Company is currently the first and only manufacturer of ISE control and standard solution of various known brands in Iran.

The main products of the company are:

    1. Biochemical:
      ISE standard and control solution of various brands / flame photometer solutions
    1. Hematology:
      Different types of hematology solutions such as Isotonic, Lyse and Rinse solution, Clean, Probe, etc. of various brands / Blood Control / Stain

The Artiteb Company has actively participated in various local and international technical expos to present its products as well as maintain firm relationship with its customers ever since 2003. At the present time Artiteb enjoys significant number of active agents in Tehran as well as around the country. Artiteb also has the expansion of its produced and imported goods in the agenda. Having the full support of professional faculty in sales and after sales services as well as a keen sense of practical prudence, due to its annual visits to the international expos, Artiteb is well convinced of its high quality produced as well as exported goods.